How does the reservation platform protect me against No Shows?

RestOcheck -

Here is an overview of the functionality we have already built in to decrease no-shows

1) No reservation can be made without a valid email address

When a customer makes a reservation for the first time, she needs to enter her email address AND she needs to validate the reservation by going to her mailbox. Only after this is done, the reservation is considered final. This means that the guest cannot use a fake email address to make a reservation.

2) The Guest has to actually show up in a restaurant before his email address is fully validated.

The Restaurant Manager can check in the guest:

  • Go to the "Daily Planning" view of the Reservation platform


  • Check the box in the right column

Now the customer doesn’t have to validate his reservation anymore in the future.

This is an extra security measure, it becomes harder to use one email address to make bookings in several restaurants for the same night. In fact we are rewarding guests that book online AND show up.

3) Reputation management

The Restaurant manager can mark a Reservation as "No Show".

  • Click on the reservation in the "Daily Planning" View
  • Click on "No Show"

This will have a negative impact on the reputation of the Guest.

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