What to do if an iPad is broken?

RestOcheck -

1 Check if device can be fixed in-house 

1.1 iPad charging 

  • Try to charge iPad with different chargers, in different sockets
  • Leave iPad connected to power source overnight 
  • IF iPad still unresponsive, go to Step 1.2 

1.2 Hard reset 

  • Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button on the upper right of the iPad together with the circular home button at the bottom of the iPad 

After 10 seconds, the Apple logo should appear on screen

If so, iPad should now be fully functional 
If not, go to Step 2 


2 Call Apple Customer Service 

2.1 Prepare relevant details 

Serial number 

A 12 character series of letters and numbers, engraved in small print at the 

back of the device 

2.2 Contact Apple 

2.2.1 Belgium 

For Flemish, number is 0800 80 407 

For French, number is 0800 80 404 

2.2.2 Netherlands 

Number is 0800 0201581 

2.2.3 The call 

Apple Customer Care representative will prompt for relevant details 

  1. Serial number (You can find the serial number on the back of the iPad, on the 
  2. bottom)  
  3. Description of problem 
  4. Have you tried to fix the problem in-house (charging, hard reset) 
  5. Where and when would you like to have the damaged iPad collected by UPS  


3 Shipping instructions 


The repair process will clear ALL data from your iPad. If you have personal 

information on the iPad (like pictures, notes, ...) we advise you to back up your data, 

(if this is still possible)

3.1 Back up your data 

Use iCloud or iTunes to back up your important information  

For further details, visit: support.apple.com/kb/HT1766 


Do not include any accessories as they will not be returned to you 

3.2 Pack for transit 

A UPS representative will arrive at the time and location you specified

They will provide you with a shipping box 

You will find a protective foam bag inside the shipping box, together with a UPS Express Pak and a Service Guide. A transparent pouch will also be attached to the shipping box  

This will contain a UPS return label and a Packing List 

  • Place the UPS Return Label on the outside of the UPS Express Pak bag 
  • Place the shipping box in the UPS Express Pak bag and seal it 
  • Ask the UPS rep to complete the “Return Service Customer Receipt” section of the UPS Return Label 

3.3 Track your repair 

You can track your repair at: www.apple.com/support/repairstatus 

Your repair ID can be found in your ‘RestOcheck’ email inbox 

4 Receive repaired iPad 

4.1 Restore your repaired iPad (if applicable) 

For detailed instructions on how to restore, again visit: 


4.2 Prepare iPad for RestOcheck use 

Follow the manual iPad Configuration 

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