RestOcheck -

Click on your email address in the upper right corner and go to "Settings"


Restaurant Settings



  • Go to Restaurant Settings
  • Go to the tab "Subscription"
  • Turn on the Reservation Platform



  • Go to the tab "Contact Information"
  • Fill in the email address and phone number you want to display to the user for group reservations



Reservation Settings/Opening Hours and Capacity



  • In Settings, Go to "Reservation"
  • Go to the tab "Opening Hours"
  • Mark the shifts that you are open green
  • Select the opening hours for every shift


The customer can only book in time slots of 30 min. If you are open from 12:00 until 14:29, then the customer can still book at 14:00 but not anymore at 14:30

  • Save Changes



Go to the tab "Capacity"

  • Enter the maximum size of an Online Reservation. For example, if you enter the number 6, the customer is asked to contact you by email or phone for reservations of 7 or more people
  • Enter the number of weeks ahead you allow customers to make a reservation 

Now it's time to tell our system how many available seats you have. It's important to know that RestOcheck works with 2 types of capacity: Shift Capacity and Slot Capacity

The Shift Capacity is the total amount of Customers that you can receive in one Shift. In our example, the shift capacity is set to 30. 

The Time Slot Capacity is the amount of Customers you can receive per time slot. With time Slot Capacity you can steer your customers to not arrive all at the same time. If you are fully flexible the time slot capacities are the same as the Shift capacity. This means that all of your guests can enter at the same time.

In our example, the shift capacity is set to 30 and the Time Slot Capacities are set to 10. Imagine that the bookings for a dinner shift look like this 

Imagine now that a Customer wants to make a reservation for 5 on the same night

He will see this screen


Because the Slots 19:00 and 19:30 already have 6 customers, adding five would exceed the maximum Slot Capacity of 10. For that reason, the 2 time slots are unavailable.

The moment that the Shift capacity is reached, all the time slots for that shift will be greyed out. 

Here's how to proceed:

  • Fill in the Time Slot Capacities for all the time slots that you are open
  • If you you do not want all your Customers to appear at the same time, change "Fully Flexible" to "Custom"
  • Fill in the Time Slot Capacities
  • Confirm Changes

Reservation Settings/Tables

Our table plan works with grouping your tables into different categories.

IMPORTANT!! Please assign a different Table for every different PHYSICAL table you have. For example, if you currently have a table 10 for 4 people, but in reality there are 2 tables of 2 people, make sure to enter 2 different tables in the settings. (for example, 10a and 10b)

  • Under Reservation Settings, go to Tables
  • Type in the first Category, and click on "Add Category". In our example, we add the category "Inside_front"
  • Click on the PLUS button repetitively for every table you want to add in this Category
  • Add all the tables for this Category
  • Save changes
  • Create a New Category
  • ...


Once you have entered your contact info, Opening Hours, Capacity and Tables, you can go to the "Status" Tab and Activate the Dashboard Access.

The next thing you want to do now is link the RestOcheck reservation form to your website. 






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