How to create a new email campaign

RestOcheck -

-> Log in to your dashboard and go to Mailing

-> Click on Create a new Mailing

You are now in the email editor

-> Enter your subject (Title of the mailing)

IMPORTANT: always start your subject with the Restaurant Name


-> Before you start with the content of your mail, create a grid first!

With the link button you can join 2 cells together
With the scissors button you split a wide cell in 2 cells
With the arrows you can increase or decrease the height of a row

Here are some example grids

When you have finished your grid

-> Fill every building block with an image or a text

-> Go to the next step (click on Finish at the top)

-> Before you finish, send a test mail to yourself and see how it looks

TIP: also send a testmail to someone else and ask for feedback

-> If everything looks ok, Click on Finish

Your Mail will be sent within 48 hours




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