Special Case: How can i double tables during a shift?

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Some Restaurants systematically double book tables during one shift.

For example, you have 80 seats and during your evening shift you have an early and a late shift. Lest say your early shift starts at 18h and your late shift at 20h. When a Guest calls to make a reservation at 19h, you try to steer him/her to come either earlier or later. How can you steer your Guests using our online reservation platform?

Here is what we suggest you do:

  • Go to your Reservation settings
  • Go to Capacity
  • Make sure your Dinner maximum dropdown is set to "custom"
  • Change your dinner maximums to 160 (=2*80)
  • Change your time slots like in the screen shot

The reason why 

  • Click on Confirm Changes

When a Guest wants to make an online reservation, he will not be able to choose 19h and 19h30. We know from experience that it is easier to steer a Guest to a specific time online then over the phone.

If you want to manage expectations you can add a text to the first screen of the form. For example: "For reservations at 18h and 18h30, please be aware that we reuse the table at 20h". To add a custom message

  • Go to Reservation Settings
  • Go to the tab "Reservation Notes"
  • Add your text under First Step





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