Overview of Different Usernames and Passwords

RestOcheck -

RestOcheck ID: The primary email address that is linked to the account. This is the email address that is entered when the account is made.

RestOcheck Password: An 8-digit password that is created when the account is made.


Dashboard access (dashboard.restocheck.com)

By default, the RestOcheck ID and password are used for dashboard access.

Pro accounts can have several users. In this case, the RestOcheck ID is considered the master administrative user, and other users will receive a separate user name and password.


Tablet Login (for feedback app)

By default, the RestOcheck ID and password are used to log into the feedback app. You can change the Tablet password in your dashboard. See other article.


Apple ID and password

The apple ID is used for find my iphone. it is the key to your iPad, so protect this well!

Restaurants with a free installation get an @restocheck.com Apple ID. 

Restaurants with a custom installation may use their own email address as an Apple ID.




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