Manage shift and detailed capacity with the Weekly Planning view

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In the weekly Planning view, you can change capacities both on a shift and a half hour basis. You can also use this view to plan your staff and forecast suppliers.

In this example the dinner shift of Tue 6 Jan shows "9/150"

the 9 we call the Actual number and it represents the total number of guests that have a reservation. (CAUTION, it does not mean the number of reservations!) If you click on this number, you will jump to the planning page of that day

the 150 we call the capacity number and it represents the maximum amount of guests that are allowed during that shift 

Change Capacities

To change a Shift capacity

-> change the number on the right of a specific shift (in this example 150)

-> click on "Confirm Changes"

To change a time slot capacity

-> click on the down arrow


-> change the number on the right of a specific time slot (in this example 150)

-> click on "Confirm Changes"

SPECIAL CASE: what if the Restaurant is closed for holiday?

-> jump to the week of your holiday

-> change all the shift capacity numbers that fall in your holiday to 0

-> click on confirm changes

-> go to the next week if necessary and repeat

Plan staff and forecast suppliers

You can use the actual numbers for planning purposes. For example, if you hire extra or cancel staff members based on a high or low actual number, respectively.

You can also forecast supplies better with this week view. For example, in this example, the actual number of the lunch of sunday is exceptionally high. The Restaurant Manager might order extra bread for that day...



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