The capacity number: the root of your reservation platform

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The RestOcheck reservation platform is based on a "capacity count down" system.

The Capacity = the number of guests you can host

For every reservation that is added to the system, whether coming from your website or from your dashboard, the remaining capacity is recalculated on our central servers. By keeping your remaining capacity up to date at all times, you avoid booking mistakes. 

There are 2 sorts of capacity numbers, shift capacity and time slot capacity.

- The shift capacity represents the maximum amount of guests that can arrive during the entire shift. (150 in the example above)

- The time slot capacity represents the maximum amount of guests that can arrive during a half hour time slot (in the example above, the 30 next to 12:30 means that maximum 30 guests can arrive between 12:30 and 12:59)

To understand how shift and time slot capacity work together, you best look at 2 extreme cases: fully flexible and perfect spread. (in this case we assume that the Restaurant doesn't double tables during one shift, in case you do, check out the article about doubling tables)

- If your kitchen is fully flexible, your time slot capacities are the same as your shift capacity

In this example it means that the 150 guests that can come during your lunch shift can all arrive during the same time slot, for example between 12:30 and 12:59.

In reality this means that all the time slots will be available on your reservation form, until you have reached your limit of 150 guests.

Right after the capacity limit of 150 guests has been reached, none of the options will be available anymore.


CAUTION: perfect flexibility is very rare! The main advantage of our reservation system is that you can make your guests arrive at different times, so you can balance your workload across your shift.

- If your kitchen is not at all flexible and you desire a perfect spread, you get this example.

In this example, you want your 150 guests to arrive equally divided over 6 time slots, so 25 people per half hour.

CAUTION: with a perfect spread you risk loosing customers, because you will almost never reach your shift capacity. Imagine someone wants to reserve a table for 4 at 13:00 but there are already 22 guests planned at this time. In this case, this person will not be able to make the reservation at 13:00 and forced to choose another time slot.

(because 22+4 = 26, and this exceeds the time slot capacity of 25)

For this reason, if you want to spread your guests, we advise to always leave some margin, for example a time slot capacity of 30 in the first example.






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