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All Restaurant Pictures must comply with the following criteria:

☐ Shot with wide angle lens and tripod

☐ Deep depth of field, low ISO (-> small aperture, long shutter time)

☐ Landscape, panoramic view 

☐ No distracting objects and no people in the image

☐ All vertical lines should be vertical in the image

☐ Filename: [what do you see]-Restaurant-[Name of Restaurant]-[City of Restaurant]-[number##]


Detailed guidelines


-> Use a wide-angle lens to get a wide shot. We advise to use a focal length between 25mm and 35 mm

If you don't have a full frame camera, that's ok. Just use the full frame equivalent. 

-> ALWAYS use a tripod so you have more flexibility in your exposure settings

Camera Settings

-> Shoot in RAW, so you have more flexibility in post production

-> Choose a small aperture and small ISO to ensure deep depth of field and little noise. This is the reason why you will need a tripod; you will not be able to take this shot without it!


-> Shoot the picture in landscape and go for the largest view possible. A picture that only shows one table does not give a good idea of the atmosphere of the Restaurant.

-> Make sure there are no people in the image. Although this might work well on your image, we can’t allow it for privacy reasons.

-> Make sure there are no distracting objects in the image.

-> The end result on will be an image in 3:1 ratio. Always keep in mind that you will have to crop your image later when you frame your shots!


-> Don’t forget to correct vertical wide-angle distortion if necessary (in Lightroom, you can do this easily in Develop mode under Lens Correction).

-> Adjust white balance if necessary

-> Adjust saturation and contrast so you get a warm, cosy look and feel (as in the example image above)


The final file that you upload should meet the following requirements

-> Jpeg

-> 60% quality (this is important to keep the file size small. otherwise it will take too long to load the image!)

-> The filename should be composed like this: [what do you see]-Restaurant-[Name of Restaurant]-[City of Restaurant]-[number##]

Examples for what do you see are: terrace, outside, small-room, reception, bar, ...

An example of a filename is: "terrace-restaurant-voltaire-leuven_01"





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