Allocate tables and manage shift capacity in Daily Planning View

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Allocate Tables to reservations

We advise to allocate tables right before the shift starts (except maybe large groups). The reason for this is that if you allocate tables right after you receive the reservation, there is a big chance that you have to redo the plan anyway at the end. 

To allocate a table

- Click on the plus sign next to a reservation

- Click on one or more tables 

- Click on "Save Changes"

We advise to sort the reservations on the time that they are created, so you can serve special table requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to sort the reservations on arrival time, click on "Sorted on Create Time"

Change Shift capacity

From the day view you can also change your shift capacity. 

- In this example, change the "150" to another value, and click on "Update"



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