What to do with special days (e.g. Valentine)

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What if you only serve one specific menu during a shift?

For example, at Valentine you only serve a romantic 4 course meal to all your guests.

Here's what to do

-> Go to the Settings, go to Reservations/Promotions

-> Click on Add Promotion

-> Name: type a descriptive name of your promotion, e.g. "Valentine Special"

-> When: e.g. "Only on 14 Februari, dinner"

-> Description: e.g. "4 course dinner including wine, 60 € pp all-in"

-> Click Save

Now that the promotion has been added, you want to avoid regular guests to select this special day when they make a reservation. For this reason we advise to to the following:

-> Go to the Reservation Notes section of the settings

-> Mention the promotion in the Reservation Notes of the first step, e.g. "IMPORTANT: on 14 Februari we only serve the Valentine Special"



In case a Guest books on the special night without having selected the promotion, you can quickly reply using a mail template

-> Go to Settings/Conversation

-> Click on Add a Template

-> Type a mail, e.g. "Dear Customer, thank you for your reservation. As a reminder, on 14 Feb we only serve our exclusive Valentine Special menu. [Menu Details] We hope you will have a great evening! Kind regards, ... "

-> In your Dashboard, watch your Incoming Reservations. If you see a reservation on the 14th that doesn't have the Valentine promotion, you can reply with the mail template


Advertise your promotion with a mailing campaign and link to your reservation form in your mailing

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