What if I want to Change my opening hours for one specific shift?

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Situation 1: You open later or close earlier than usual

-> In your Dashboard, Go to the Weekly View of your Reservations

-> Navigate to the correct week with your date navigator on the right

-> Click on the Arrow Down under the shift you want to change

-> Change the capacity to the correct time slots to 0, and click on Confirm Changes


Situation 2: You open earlier or close later than usual

This is a bit more work. In the weekly view you will only see the time slots from your opening hours. If you want to add capacity earlier or later than you are usually open, you will need to extend your opening hours first.

-> Go to your Reservation Settings, and to the tab Opening Hours

-> Extend the opening hours of the correct shift and click on Save Changes

-> Go to the tab Capacity

-> Make sure that the default capacity of the time slot(s) you just added are set to 0. (this is still the rule, you will add the exception in the weekly view)

-> Go to the Reservation Dashboard, to the Weekly View

-> Change the capacity from 0 to the desired capacity as mentioned in situation 1

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